Environments in Blender (160 votes)

A section covering environments/world building in Blender.

Ideas so far, please comment if you have more Ideas:

Erupting Volcano
Moving Fluids: Lava, Rivers Oceans etc.

Smoke, Rain and Fire Particle Effects

Importing/exporting heightmaps.

Unity isn’t the worlds best terrain creator. Let’s show people why to import a height map from Unity, add caves, and re export the mesh(s)

Scattered rocks
Smoke from chimney



the above are all great ideas - I am going to quote Anthony_Juarez from the “FX for Film or Games in Houdini” thread because what he says is related to this “Environments in Blender” thread.

Anthony says

"If I were to take a VFX course though (and I really want to), I would like to learn to make:

Water flowing
Water splashing
Water rippling / waves
Vapor / Smoke
Basically explosions and the four elements in as much detail and variety as we can get.
I’d like to learn to do things with Unity, because I know Unity, but if I need another program that’s fine, too. The big priority is to use game development industry standards."

This please. But I’m going to be that guy who constantly shills for UE4 so…please also do one for UE4.

I think this course idea is splendid! But out of curiosity, how do I vote on a course idea here? I don’t see a “vote” button anywhere like there was before on a different site. Thanks in advanced! :slight_smile:

as for mountains, and lava, one can look at Space VFX. there are good nature tutorials on youtube from CG Geek, also there is a course on Udemy from Rob Tuytel.

I think this would be a great idea. Not a lot of courses out there showing these concepts. Or at least, not from what I have seen…

How I can vote this idea?

Replying and liking

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yes, how to make a background :slight_smile:

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