Entry Level Room Design

Here is my first room. Pretty basic. Just 4 walls, 4 doors, and a bunch of stuff. :smiley_cat:


Beautified with ugliness. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I realised I forgot about the doors, so I made the door frames Rusted Metal. I was going to add a material to the door itself, but unfortunately the material gets applied to the handle as well which doesn’t look good.
I wonder if there’s a way of separating those materials? It doesn’t seem to be a simple drag and drop however.

Not really a simple way of doing that in the editor… Those sorts of things are best done through modeling software like Blender :frowning:

Looking good though!

Cheers. I think you may be right. I’m not sure if you can edit the static meshes after they have been made. The thing would probably be to make your own door and keep the door and handle separate.

Well now, assuming that the asset is stored as a usable format (i would assume so) and you have the modeling experience, there’s nothing to stop you from exciting it after it’s in use.

But without knowledge of modeling, we’re both at a loss

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