Enormous cursors and more problems



Hello! I wanted to spruce up the cursors a bit, nothing crazy. I went out, downloaded some free vector art, imported the images over the top of Ben and Ricks cursors in photoshop, scaled my images down to the same size (literally by scaling them over the top of the existing cursor icon that Ben and Rick made), ensured they were vector etc etc.

When I use the new cursors I created in game, they are MASSIVE. Like, huge. I had to manually set the “max size” in Unity on the inspector settings of the images (where you change their texture type to 2d) to 64. They seemed much more normal at that point.

I’m wondering if I messed something up somewhere, or if perhaps the version of Unity that came out the other day is doing something weird…

One other thing that would make my life SO much better… When I click a prefab in the project window it doesn’t open in the inspector, I have to double click, which loads the prefab into the hierarchy in the top left corner, THEN I can see it in the inspector, but this is a serious pain and causes me to have utilize work arounds. Did I edit a setting somewhere or did a new version of Unity change how prefabs can be edited in the inspector simply by selecting them in the project window at the bottom?

Edit: A third thing I just thought of… my cursors don’t seem to be pointing to the perfect spot. They seem to be off center to the left. For example, if an enemy is in scene, I have to move the cursor to the left of the enemy for the cursor to change to my enemy cursor affordance. Any thoughts here? Is this something that is addressed later? Thanks!


Hi Michael,

I think a lot of the issues here are because that you are using 2018.3 or higher version of unity.
In this version the entire prefab system has been changed and so its a little harder to follow.
We are going to remaster this course to the newer version of unity and also to iron out the whole raycasting teaching.

I believe on the cursors we change to 64*64 as well and also somewhere in one of the lectures we correct the offsets on the cursors as well.
You may have to watch the video without following along to spot it as if you are like me i tend to miss things when working in unity and miss the video bit.

Let me know how you get on and we can go from there :slight_smile:


thank you, that was my fear was that the new version of Unity was causing some of these problems.

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