Enjoying the course!

In the light of one of the other comments, I just wanted to say I am really enjoying the course. I’m a mobile / web dev and found the pace has been excellent for me. However, it does ramp up a bit in terms of difficulty when you get to the damage section.

It might help just to go over how the different classes and functions link together with bindings one more time. I had to pause and go back through it to put the pieces in my mind for this bit. It wasn’t immediately clear that the ApplyDamage function is what causes the OnTakeAnyDamage function to trigger.

Anyway, thanks very much! I’m well on my way to making my own games now!


I am enjoying the course too! I’m an experienced dev so that helps, and UE5 is a heck of a tool to learn. I just ran into the bug in ObstacleAssault where character stops rotating after MoveUpdatedComponent is used to move it back and forth every tick to trigger a sweep. And luckily a quick search here showed the solution using Get Last Update Rotation.


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