Enjoyed it, but questions

I loved the course. Three things seemed painfully absent:

  1. Audio. I came up with something I’m happy with, but it seemed like a weird omission.
  2. Building. I have no idea how to produce a build of my game to share with friends.
  3. Restarting (e.g. after Defeat).

Hi Sheldonh,

I have raised this with Luis as its an intermediate course and assumes that you have some knowledge of Godot and using the audio system and building the game.
Restarting after defeat however is adding a UI button to the defeat screen and loading main scene again so its fairly easy to do.

It has made me aware however that although we do have beginner courses in GDScript we are jumping straight to an intermediate C# course as our previous beginner C# course is a little bit dated and i think possibly retired.
I will raise this last point with the production team as i believe my last discussion with that was that we would redo a beginner C# course at some point.

I hope this answers one of your questions and will let you know the feedback i get from Luis as it may just be that the course would have been outside our course length parameters to include the Audio.

I also loved the course, but I agree with sheldonh that it feels like a bit of a letdown that we didn’t take it just a bit further. Two short segments (one on audio and one on exporting) could have polished the game and made the course feel more complete.

There are many aspects we covered in this course that could be considered beginner, but we did it within the scope of an intermediary course. Audio and exporting would have been no different. It’s also important to consider that your most beginner Godot 4 course (the 2D course) does not have an export lesson. So there is definitely a knowledge gap.

Overall though, kudos to Luis and Gamedev.tv for an excellent course that really gives an excellent start into the C# side of Godot.

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