Enemy prefabs broke

I tried adding the enemy prefab but realised it was not working, it was only the model with the enemy script even though I had applied the other settings onto it, only one enemy in the first scene was working, so I deleted the others, added all the components for the ai navmesh enemy onto it and made that the prefab. I then added it into my new scene and it gave me an error that it had no animation, so the animation controller I put the thirdpersoncharacter on as it’s the same model and it should be the one that works, so now the enemy is floating in the air halfway in the crouch jump animation which is funny and I like but I want it to walk normally for the time being then possible add that as another enemy type later. Without the thirdpersoncharactercontroller on, the enemy prefabs run to me in T pose. I don’t understand what changed from scene to scene

I went back into my initial combat sandbox and the player and camera arm don’t work. I get nullreferenceexception at the if (EventSystem.current.IsPointerOverGameObject ()) line

The enemy also can’t walk up the bridge that I can up and down with same ground check distance, I don’t know if this relates to the animation

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