Enemy moving like this

I am having problem with enemy movement. my cube and enemy pivot point is at the side.

Hi YoutubeVevo,

Check the position of the cube parent game objects. If the position is correct, select the children of a cube and move them so it looks as if the player stood on the top surface.

I did that first I create an empty game object and reset its transform and then I create its child cube but cube and parent are not at the same place then I manually set my cube position to parent center but when I add script its automatically reset it and after that I cant change my child cube position.

The parent is not supposed to be moved around manually. Our CubeEditor is supposed to align the cube parent game objects with the grid. The enemy will be moving on the same grid.

The children just contain the visual parts of the waypoints, thus you can freely move them around until you are happy with the look of your game. They muwst not have any script attached, and the parent must not be moved around.