Ended with a weird pince on the neck in anime character course . How do I fix?

I’m fallowing the course along and I ended up with a weird neck. The course says to use grab and scale to shrink the neck. But I just ended up with a pinch around the center line. I think it’s my distribution of faces going wrong. How can I fix this?


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It’s because of mirroring!

Blender calculates the center of all those selected vertices.
Which is actually only one-half of the object.
So this MEDIAN point to scale on is NOT in the middle of the mirrored center.
This is the problem you need to solve with Blender tools at hand.

Be sure you’re model has scale applied

Strange effects can happen when the scale on the axis is different.

  • You can place the 3D cursor on 0,0,0 and scale on the center of the 3D cursor. Change the transformation pivot point to 3D Cursor.


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