End of Section Challenge

Still could use some work but that would take me all night :slight_smile:


Then do it tomorrow :wink:

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A little better but getting rid of noise is hard without a better graphics card :smiley:


or switch over to Eevee … but also a learning curve.

So my D drive got wiped by accident and I had to start over from scratch. I used an add on for the landscaping.


I know I posted this in another thread but since this is my one post I’d like to show the progression.


It is a great piece of Blender work!
Nice composition, good lighting, nice rock texture.
Beautiful water sim.
But tower bridge construction is strange. It has no meaning.
It’s unlogical to the viewer as a construction.

Good progress

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The only reason the bridge is not in its own composition is because the particles kept crashing the file so I moved everything over to the one I worked on before and slapped it together XD The Environments course I’m in is doing better to teach me composition but it takes a lot of CPU so I’m giving it a break to do the 2D Gimp class :smiley:
Thank you for all your feedback, it really helps me grow in this.

So far…


Same here, when it gets interesting the hardware protests!
Great scene (Rob Tutal course?)

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If you want to get rid of noise you can check this option in the render settings. I halved the number of samples and it still looks better than before.


It took me more time to build it than the time bank but it was worth it, lots of curves and arrays in there.


I really like your beautiful design of things. Love the tree but then the bushes are a bit dull in shape.
Nice shaped bridge but in contrast to the scale of things, unlogic. Bridge fence is as high as the bench seat.

Check your dimensions in relation to functionality, if you like to make realistic art.

great project and a good compostion.


thanks a lot for your feedback! you’re absolutely right, I need to practice my proportions