End-of-section-challenge -City in Mist-

Decided to show you this because it is done in Cycles! :stuck_out_tongue: (important as was only looking good in Eevee at first)
Really like how this turned out after finally figured out how to make this fog to be fog and not noise…

enjoy a misty view :wink:


Very impressive fog.

What sorted out the problem in the end?

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Seems like needed to touch a bit the emission there and anisotropy has to be high ( low or less made it look washed ).
I will try in other scene as well ,to see if there is lights around . here only got them pillars on the walkway that is made using emission .( as I cant do fire haha ,wich probably would look cool there ) .

But as I am quite new to blender ,still lot to find out on the way :slight_smile:

Atm this did work for me ,finally was happy to be able to make a clear render in cycles !


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