End of Section 4 - Chess Set - Self Challenge


very realistic artwork. Good textures. Pieces nicely random placed.
I think, due to Eevee, some pieces hover over the board. Problems in shadows.
Excellent showcase.

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.
I wanted to create a scene with the feeling of sun set light on parts of the chess board. I couldn’t make i used Spot Light but it didn’t work this is what intended to do in rendered cycle image.

any idea how to create a lighting scene like this.
notice that that the scene almost all shadowed except parts of the chess board.


I think the light comes from one light source, the sun. at at low angles, earlier morning/evening.

If you select a sun-type lamp, you have a good start.
Then there is something called world lighting. Which is also always turned on.
It has the colours of the chessboard surroundings, lightened by the sun.
But your scene doesn’t have a surrounding, only a chessboard and a table.

To solve that problem, the Blender world lighting can be filled with an HDRI map. It is en environmental image map. With this, your scene gets light from all directions with natural colours. All these things will be explained in the course.

For a spotlight to work better you need to increase the distance of the lamp to the board and increase the wattage. Due to light physics. The relation between light intensity and distance in quadratic.


Thank you

Your chessboard looks awesome. Good job!

Maybe you could add a little bevel at the top outer edge of your board as wood usually does not have as sharp edges as metal.

I’m referring to these edges:



Thank you, I’ll add a bevel to them

If it works and if you are happy with the result, please share a screenshot. I’m curious how it will look. :slight_smile:

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Wow very realistic. The horse looks awesome :slight_smile:



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