End of Section 1 Challenge — A bridge and a room

Hi! Sharing my end of section challenge results: a bridge (developed from the lesson example) and a small room (I believe I eventually spent way more time than was suggested).

I’d be happy to get feedback! And also I’ve got a question: you see at the bottom of the last picture I couldn’t get rid of the sun reflecting off the ground, so I was wondering if it’s possible in Blender to assign Light to only affect specific objects ignoring some others? I have a little Cinema 4D background where that was a thing, I’m thinking something like that could help me here. Or maybe there’s some other way of getting rid of that unwanted reflection besides moving the light source to a different location or post-production shenanigans. Please share if you have any ideas. Thanks!

PS: I hope I’m sharing this correctly and in the right place :grimacing:


If you mean the half blue disk …?
Yes, it’s a strange Blender issue. What I sometimes do is set the size of the lamp to a tiny size (0.0001)
And you can switch off render channels for an object. But I don’t think it will solve your problem, because it will introduce others.

  • Object panel > visibility (object)
  • View layers properties panel (global, to be used in the compositor)

Yeah, it’s the half blue disk I’m talking about, you’re right. Thanks a lot for the tips, I’ll try that out!
Layers sound like a very useful and advanced topic to explore (probably a bit too advanced for now hehe) but I’ll definitely be looking into that once I’m more comfortable with using Blender :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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