End Boss - Ogre Update // Midlevel Details

Hello there!

Finally found some time to work on the Ogre.

I’m happy with the outcome so far. For the teeth, I tried to move / deform the lips, so it looks like the teeth either pushed tissue away or pierced through. Hope this works :smiley:

The teeth are too clean. I’ll add grooves or damage later. Or a color gradient later on.

Found some cool examples online for inspiration. My PureRef canvas is growing …

Feedback is more than welcome.



Ray he’s looking absolutely amazing! Love those teeth!

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thx, mate.

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The teeth have been a rabbit hole. I was considering using VDM brushes but decided to do the teeth myself.

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What are VDM brushes? Nothing like a good Blender rabbit hole, the hours just fly past…

Ohhh - you’ll love this! They are 3D brushes - like alpha brushes, but on steroids.

VDM (Vector Displacement Mesh) brush is a feature that allows you to create and apply premade repetitive meshes quickly and efficiently using Alpha 3D brushes.

BlenderKit - Vector Displacement Mesh Brushes: explanation, step by step tutorial and video

The Blender 4 Sculpting Brushes: Create Amazing Sculpts Quickly covers this. I made the Tentacle Manatee beast to get used to these. After that I’ll use the info to continue working on the Ogre.

Tentacle Manatee Beast >>> Create Amazing Sculpts Quickly - Blender Courses / Show - GameDev.tv


Yes I saw those vdm brush things mentioned in one of the weekly YT reports by Pablo a few months back. They look a great tool for repetitive shape adding.

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Ogre is looking suitably ugly! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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As it should. Mission accomplished :smiley:


Oho VDM brushes look amaaazing! Love it, tentacle packs, pimple packs!! Consistently blown away with just how powerful Blender is.


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