Empty GameObject

I create a new empty game object which i edit it by myself and the object is visible in the scene tab,but not in the game tab.I can see it moving in the scene tab,but i cannot see that object in the game scene.

Does this object have some sort of renderer attached to it?

An empty GameObject would behave this way, by design, it is after all, empty, e.g. it has no components.

If you add a primitive, for example, a cube, and compare the differences you will be able to see which components affect its rendering in the game view.

I have attached 3D object in scene . but not see in game scene tab .

I’m not sure I understand what you mean, did you attach a 3D object as a child of your empty GameObject? Could you post a screenshot of the editor, maybe?

Thanks :slight_smile:
but i well done

Is this problem resolved now Mehta?

Yes :blush:

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Great! - can you share what you did to resolve the issue? :slight_smile:

Yaa sure way not ,

I set MainCamera object . And also small changes , but I don’t remember
this , bcoz I used Google code so …

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Ok, no worries. Glad you can move forwards again with your project :slight_smile:

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