"Emission Submission" Chess Set

I had a blast creating this chess set. one of the Best times I’ve had within blender so far. I wanted to go with a Sci-Fi galaxy war theme. I’m hoping that the color choices and pieces have matched that.

Stay tuned for my “Nostalgia Death Set”- Ill be taking the next week to create and complete. Ill be going back though this section of the course (Chess Set) with new pieces and themes in mind. I’m hoping everyone will be able to recognize where these characters came from. Practice makes Perfect*

All the best everyone, and look out for the render showcase for this set with the animated camera video.


Looks awesome.
Scifi/Space chess.

Would love to see a animation where the pieces destroy each other with lasers or effects


Ill have to work on that… that would be a nice addition. Ill post when i implement.



This is insane!

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