El Castillo at Chichen Itza

Since I already completed the course back in version 2.79, I thought I would do the 2.8 lectures as a way to get familiar with the new interface. The pyramid is to scale and most details match the real deal minus a few as i got lazy near the end. In total this took about 8 hours when you include the time spent researching the dimensions and gathering the reference material. All of the modeling was done in Eevee but the final render was done in Cycles as the lighting looked so much better.


I’m planning to do the same. Redo blender parts for 2.8.
I stopped using 2.8, because of the UI change. It blocked my creativity!
But I think also learning 2.8 is essential.

I like your work, but missing some Jungle style prop’s. But that is more Hollywood glossy and brainwashing (can not find the correct word I am looking for). Using a prop in front of the temple, will help scaling reference.

Nice project!

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