Egyptian cat

I was going to link my finial Mayan temple, but then we got told that we can only make one model and not a scene if we wanted to import to and engine or a 3D printer, so then I thought i’ll just create something new. my daughter is obessed with Egyptian cats so !BAM!

, !!

Low Poly.

High Poly


Very nice!! this cat is looking really good and with very good proportions!

Thanks a alotXD

Holy moley that looks good

This is wicked!

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thanks a lot guy’s appreciated. I’m currently working on trying to understand good topology, since we need to be good at topology if we ever want to be a good modeler/Professional. you can clearly see the cat has bad topology, and thats one thing i really want to master.

Dat cat!

You should upload this to! Then we could view this from all sorts of angles! get yourself a fair amount of attention in the 3D world, too ;D It’s a good way to look up others topology, too, because it allows you to view the topology of the models uploaded by pressing 5. Check it:

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thanks Mc fuzz, I’ve tried using sketchfab, but for some reason Sketchfab won’t send me a confirmation email lol so I can’t exactly get into my account. this has been on going for two weeks. Apparently the day i tried to join something went wrong and they are trying to figure it out

Check your spam folder, maybe it is in there.

here is the link it was in the junk folder lol, i forget to check junk sometimes lol my latest creatiion has much better topoplogy, i won’t be doing anyything more with this model, since it’s a good way to show my progress=D


That is soo awesome

Very Cool!

Wow!!! This is amazing!!!

I’m a cat’s fan, and I’m pretty interested on egyptian cats… Congratulations, this model is fantastic!

This is incredible good!! WOW!!

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