Egress - a Text101 Sci-Fi Adventure

Hi everyone,

After completing the Text101 section of the course, I have uploaded my short adventure to GameBucket.

Be gentle, itโ€™s a first attempt but feedback is very welcome :slight_smile:



The aim was to create an adventure with a sense of tension as the player attempts to escape but I actually spent most of the time creating a parser which allowed defining the different states, their interconnections and 3 audio channels for each state in a single text file.
This meant I could define the states, the flavour texts, the exits and the audio clips in plain formatted text without having to code each state explicitly in C#. If anyone is interested in the code, I am more than happy to share it. It was a lot of fun working on it.
Being new to Unity and to C# (but not to coding), this was a fantastic learning experience! A big thanks goes out to Ben and the team.

Happy coding everyone!

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