Eevee water effect

(Not sure that my question fits the topic but it’s the only one I know so far about water effects.)
While rendering with Eevee, I have this weird effect where the water contacts objects and at the edges of my camera

My texture node:

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Yes, it is an Eevee thing!
But I forgot exactly how or what.

It has probably to do, how your total object mesh setup is done.

What Eevee does in its rendering phase, it to delete everything outside the camera view.
And your water is a reflective material. So what should be seen by the reflection, is removed because it falls outside the camera viewport.

In Cycles a light ray is traveling from the camera to the reflective surface, bouncing of to other parts (outside the scene). In Cycles everything is used in the calculation. While Eevee is fast by throwing away mesh data.

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Note there is an Eevee option to make the view 10% bigger,
So objects within this 10% range are used to do the eevee calculation.


Thank you, it helped.
I didn’t find where to crop but i zeroed the Edge Fading setup, and it worked.

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