Eevee Render


I would like to ask for any suggestions to improve the rendered image.

Eevee 2

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But what?

  • The pin shape isn’t smooth. Some edge loops aren’t curved.
  • Shadow Cube/Cascade size, depending on which lamp type you are using!
  • Increase lamp size (or sun angle) to get softer shadows.
  • Eevee needs more manual tweaking and experimentation of all kinds of properties. Which are also scale (object) dependend.
  • The three right sided (above ball) pins are same way rotated (unnatural).
  • show the bowlingball holes, to give more bowling look-and-feel.
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Pins are far to close together.
For Eevee FedPete is the one to read.

That line on the lower part of the pins might be flipped normals of the lower section. Worth a check.