Eevee: Point light inside bulb mesh doesn't emit as expected

I was following along with creating a fallback light source in eevee (the point light inside the bulb). But I noticed the light seemed blocked unless the point light was outside the bulb mesh (see attached gif).

As I was typing this out I tried changing the bulb material “Shadow Mode” to “none”. This seemed to work, but I don’t see that Mike had to do anything like this. Seemed to just work when he added the point light.

No big deal, just curious if anyone had similar issues or knows what I might have missed.

I think Michael covers this in the making the grease pencil solid lecture. You can avoid moving the light source by tweaking the light’s shadow “Clip Start” as it determines where to calculate the shadow from… so it needs to be just bigger than the bulb, but just smaller than the shade radius…
I think your light radius also needs to be bigger than your bulb? not sure.


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