Editing Objects (Complete Blender Course)

Hi, I’m going through the Editing Objects video and about 2 minutes in, the teacher moves the edge of a cube along the z-axis. If I grab the edge of the cube and move it, it will go anywhere and not stick to the z-axis. How can I make it so it moves only up and down, but not left or right?

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Hi welcome, good question.

Most student will use hot keys, like:

  • gz grab Z-ax direction, and gx, gy of the world grid
  • You can also do gzz, using the z-ax again, but now it will use the object internal (local) grid based on the FACE NORMALS.

If you turn on the OBJECT GIZMO option “MOVE” you can do it with the mouse in EDIT mode.

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Definitely both of these will work. It’s worth emphasizing FedPete’s original point however: you really will want to learn the hotkeys for things where applicable. Outside of Blender, I tend to prefer menus because they’re visual, but hotkeys are much more important in Blender than in other software, and you will have a far better time if you embrace them early =)


If you have a 3 button mouse, you can hit G to move, hold the middle mouse button, then move, it will snap to the x, y, or Z. Once snapped, you can let go of the MMB and it will stay snapped until you left click to end the move.

Can also after hitting G, hold shift before the MMB, and will snap your movement to an xy, xz, or yz plane.

To me, is the easiest and fastest way to do that. And few teach that. But info about it can be found below the window once you hit G. Is how I found out about it.

Is also worth noting that in the video, if you pay attention to when an edge was moved up, at 2:00, you can see on the lower right the mouse and key used display, you can see the MMB used to snap to the Z. Watching that spot for what mouse button, and or key used, helps a lot. May even have to play that moment over again, if you missed it.


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