Edge split + SubSurf make some parts disappear

Hello everybody,
I have tried Edge split + Subdivision Surface modifiers on my “decorative” cloud. And they made some of its parts transparent. Here’s the screen:

Why did it happen? And how can I fix that for this modifier setup?
I can make it look pretty fine by using shade smooth + object data -> auto smooth (as on the second cloud and the tree), but I’d like to make it via modifiers.

It is normal blender behaviour. What are you trying to do with the edge modifier?

It splits edges and therefor divide faces. Leaving open holes in the mesh, because you used the subdivsion modifier. Which smooth (round) corners of a face. Switch on to ‘simple’ in the subdivision modifier.

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Well generally I am experimenting with modifiers from the lecture. I tried to see if what Mikey did with lamp stem is applicable to other objects.
Currently I have 3 objects (two clouds and a tree) that must have absolutely flat frontal and back faces but smooth side curves. Shade smooth + object data -> auto smooth give a good result, but it’s still not perfect: some of side lines are still a bit edgy.
And while doing this, I got this interesting effect, so I wnated to know why did it happen. It appeared with no obvious system, for random inner and outer vertices.
I found another way to achieve the desired result (mean crease + subsurf), so my question is more of a theoretical kind.

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The order of the modifiers in the stack is also important. Modifiers are applied from top to bottom, thus Blender is splitting any edges over 30 degrees and then applying the subdivision modifier. Because the subdivision modifier changes the shape of the faces, it is causing your edges to pull away from oneanother giving the appearance that portions of your model have turned transparent.

To fix the issue you need to change the split angle so that it isn’t splitting the edges on the faceloop going around the side.

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