Earth Defender V1.0

Here is my game people!



Okay, I tried, and I really did try… but this is hard as nuts :stuck_out_tongue: didn’t manage to clear a single wave, enemies move fast, shoot fast, kill fast. They’re very close to the player so it’s not really possible to evade their shots either… First time I opened the game, I got rekt within a few seconds because my hands weren’t on the keys yet. You might want to consider balancing it a bit.

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I played your game and here is the video of me playing it

This game has some bugs like the player still shooting when it’s killed, unable to shot when I reach the max level and also it happened that the enemy killed me with one shot when I was at fully HP.

And also as @VaughnLangen wrote when I started the game I was already rekt and there are some enemies that shot lasers so fast.


Achievement Unlocked: “From The Grave!”

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