Earth Defender v1.0

Hello folks,

Just finished the “Earth Defender” and very happy with the result. Could spend more time to polish everything but i can’t wait to dive into the next project.

My Earth defender v1.0 is available here :

Key Features :

  • ​XY Axis ship movement​
  • Animated Scoring System​
  • Player Damage Counter​
  • 5 waves of enemies​
  • 3 Enemies type (different health, fire speed, score point…)
  • 3 Random enemies formation
  • Enemies drop boosters randomly (booster stay active for 5s. You can extand that by using other boosters)
  • 3 differents boosters type (ship repair, Speed Bullet, OneShot bullet)
  • Various Scaling/animations effects​

Enjoy :wink:

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You really should be happy. You did a very good game.
There’s onlyone thing that was a little tiny bit unpleasant, the lasers was a little bit hard to see.

Yes I agree with Coradesque; you did a pretty good job. I’m not sure what he meant by “you really should be happy” because you didn’t sound unhappy about it. Plus, you did say you were “very happy”.

I also agree with Coradesque about the projectile being too small. Also, I think it would be nice to see the items fall after they appear instead of just having them sit there in space.

I found a problem that shouldn’t be hard to fix. To be sure, I played through it a few times to see if this occurred again and in any other situations. This situation occurred specificity after I collected the green and white capsule and the item timer is still counting down. When I died after collecting the capsule, I am stuck on this screen no mater what key I push.

You don’t see the timer in these screen shot because I took the screenshot after the timer cleared. Speaking of the timer, it would be nice to see it being slightly bigger.

Over All, Good Job! Keep it up!

@SycEssences what I wanted to say is that @amynox “deserve” to be very happy because he did a very good job.

I’m sorry that my English was not clear enough.

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