EARTH DEFENDER QUEST: ‘Orbiting Satellites’ - Solutions

Quest: Earth Defender Quest
Challenge: Orbiting Satellites

Feel free to share your solutions, ideas, and creations below. If you get stuck, you can find some ideas here for completing this challenge.

Stick a Trail Renderer on your satellites to help see the circle/arc they are making…

Sat trails Screenshot 2021-05-21 145006

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I am expecting Orbiting clowns from you @EddieRocks!

Hello Everyone!

I would like to share my progress for the Orbiting Satellites!

Please take a look at the gif I uploaded:
029caeb6de14aed882d37eca86890a16 (1)

On Button Press - a Satellite will be spawned - the orbit axis and distance are created randomly.
As I want to keep the player from spamming Satellites, I added an upgrade function to it - until the last build satellite is fully updated, the player can’t build a new one.

Assets used are from the Synty Studio SCI-FI City and Space Pack.

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Looking good! I really like those assets.

Had the same idea as Eddie it seems haha. Good way to test pathing:


My solution:

I combined the method I used to place the towers and the way the asteroid spawner works so that I could grab a random position on a sphere surrounding the planet. Then I created a new satellite parent which was just a transform located in the center of the planet and facing the direction of the sphere point. THAT object would then spawn a satellite with the same rotation at the sphere point and assign itself as that satellite’s parent.

After that I just rotated the parent object. Since it’s in the center of the planet and parented to the satellite, it acts as a tether for the satellite, allowing you to rotate it in different directions (just not around the y-axis in my case, that will just make it twirl) and orbiting the satellite around the planet as a result.

In the image, I was only using Vector3.left for rotation, but after that I set things up to grab a random value and assign either Vector3.left, Vector3.right, Vector3.back, or Vector3.forward.

Hope this helps anyone else who gets here. Good luck!

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