EARTH DEFENDER QUEST: ‘Flex Those Muscles’ - Solutions

Quest: Earth Defender Quest
Challenge: Flex Those Muscles

Feel free to share your solutions, ideas and creations below. If you get stuck, you can find some ideas here for completing this challenge.

I loved this challenge and spent ages on it

Have a go and see what you think…

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Nice - I got to wave 18
But it as quite laggy by then with the amount of resources i had going! But that may be is because I have too many windows open doing too much.

Not got that far yet with mine to suggest much optimisation but my missles do self destruct if they loose their target
I did struggle to work out how or why asteroids were getting through my defenses even with games with a lot less resources and I’m not sure how I didnt have enough to defend in my final game. I guess the asteroids were pretty huge by then!
I did like the laser Sats and the Planet health on the screen as I’ve not got that far yet to see what’s best to show that.
Good stuff

Thanks for the feedback.

The asteroids get randomly harder to destroy in later level based on the wave.

I hadn’t thought about optimisation yet either!

I am creating and destroying lots of objects so might have to generate a ton of them at the beginning


It occurred to me when playing with yours and testing mine…

When the towers are choosing a target do you just go for 1st in the list within range or do you go within range and nearest to the tower?
I’m currently changing mine to the latter

This was fun! I just about had a heart attack when that first meteor came in and the alarm started blaring through my headphones. :joy: It adds a good sense of urgency to the game though.

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Good shout I just changed it as well and performance is way better!


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Thanks for trying it out!


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Here’s my take on the Quest.

Various variables still need tweaking…

And I’ve rushed it out a bit as off for 2nd jab 10 mins ago

I had not coded for an ‘AutoClicker’… and surprised someone bothered but hey ho… surprised it’s running with that many things - does looks pretty though!

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