Ear mirror issue

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

I applied the mirror modifier after making one ear and found mine has to be on the Y plane not X. So far no worries. Then I select “Bugs” (original name for my rabbit) and instead of beautifully placing ear #2 on the other side of the rabbit’s head, it puts it on the OTHER side of the ear. It looks like its about the right distance, it has just moved in the wrong direction on the Y axis. I don’t see and +/- values that I can fiddle with, so… ideas?

I’ve tried centering the cursor. Selecting it as pivot point. These yields the exact same results.

Hi, Im not sure but sometimes same issue occurs, then you make 2 things:

  1. select object - apply location
    or 2. add empty in center of head- rename it - mirror,
    select mirror object - your emtpy

Turned out to be the Apply Location problem. Thanks.

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