Duplicating Scenes Error

When I duplicate my Start Menu scene to create Game Core scene & End Game Scene, they duplicate appropriately, however any change i make in one scene will automatically change & be the same as that, as if the other 2 stages keep copying the changes I make in 1 state. Help?

Hi Rexx,

Have you already tried to restart Unity?

I just saved & restarted Unity. Now I still have 3 states, however they are all empty. Clicking open in the inspector has no response.

What do you mean by “no response”? Are there any error messages in your console?

I mean nothing happens at all when i click on open,and there are no errors. There’s only empty named scenes, & my images are still in their appropriate folder. I lost all my work, & yes I had saved it. I can re-do it, but I don’t understand why it disappeared, or why my states weren’t working properly before this. Again, there were no errors reported.

I’ve recreated it, and I’m still having my original issue.

I’ve recreated it, and I’m still having my original issue.

The data is again lost and the scenes are empty? If so, I’m wondering if there is a firewall or an antivirus which prevents Unity from saving files properly.

Also try to update Unity to the latest stable version.

And make a backup of your project folder by duplicating it. Save the duplicated folder somewhere else, maybe on an USB stick. To save some free space, you could delete the Library and Temp folders in the backup folder. This should be done on a regular basis so if something break, you could at least restore some of the data.

The data only disappeared after I restarted Unity AFTER my original problem. I’ve since recreated everything so I’m good on that. This is not my original problem I’m asking about.

My problem is : After Duplicating scenes, the scenes still all act as one. So if I go to change the Start button to “Success” or “Try again?” , it does this across all scenes instead of only one scene.

This problem usually solves itself after restarting Unity. If it does not, I’d suggest not to duplicate any scenes. Instead, try to open a scene, save it as a new scene and restart Unity again.

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That does not work. In the video, time stamp 7:40 (Making Buttons) is where I’m stuck at if that helps.

Restarting Unity does not help, I am updated, no console errors.

Restarting Unity does not help, I am updated, no console errors.

In that case, do not duplicate scenes anymore. Report a bug to Unity via Help > Report a bug. Then create new scenes.

Unfortunately, I cannot see any problem in your screenshots. Do they show any issue?

Thank you I just sent a report.