Duplicate Left to Right

I have created a running animation which I am pretty happy.

I found it is simple to duplicate the Leg / Animation but found it a challenge to stagger it so it was the opposite of the other leg as it took ages to work out how to achieve this properly.

Any tips, or could you add it as part of the course?


Select, Right click in view, copy pose, set to new frame position, right click Past flipped set frame position, Menu bar Key, Paste Flipped, i keyframe.
Pated flipped offers the presumed X axis it seems.
If using the Dope sheet there is menu bar options to do it too in the Key menu.


Isn’t it still so, that your bones need the have the name (extension) .L or .R?
… Blender copied bone.L to the right side and renamed it bone.R


I think it flips the animation data not the bones.


Did not know you could do that, that is really helpful.

That said it does not quite solve my issue if I explain a bit more

I create a left leg
I animate it 60 frames
I make an exact copy and call it right leg
Both animation for left and right are exactly the same
I want to stagger the right leg but keep the animation the same so I copy in the timeline shift it right by 30 frames
I duplicate it and paste it so its Frames 30-90 and then 90-120
I copy the last 30 frames back to the start 1-30
I delete frames 60 - 120
The animation for the new right leg is jerky and doesn’t work correctly.

So is there a way to “stagger” the animation for the right leg easily?

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