My dungeon:

A closeup:


Try to make the lights different in power.
It’s a flame so, some randomness would improve the scene.


A fine dungeon, well supplied with goods!

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Thanks, @NP5!

btw, I’m a little confused about the tags for these posts and the abbreviations for course sections. Are there tags for Grant’s recent material in Complete Blender? I was only able to decipher abbreviations for Mike’s sections. So I just filed this under the generic “complete-blender.” But I’d put this topic with other dungeons if I knew how to tag it correctly. Thanks again!


There are links to the tag connected system on every lecture.

Personally, frankly they are pretty useless. No doubt programmers find them good. I, and I suspect almost all, look at the whole set of Blender threads, almost entirely the ‘show’ section. There is no real relevance or point to keeping some sub category linked to one lecture, or splitting posts on say, the chess set, into countless new posts as each item is made.

Be better to have a section thread each poster puts their progress in, so it is all together.

As for the useless tags they are a nightmare to reverse and find what a student is watching and needs help with. If only lecture names, or Udemy numbers, were referenced.

So from my personal POV just post progress in Show. Tags are not helping anyone imo.

Oh, and yes there are different tags for the new content. Again should be in the resources folder, a link to this lecture’s discussions.


Makes me feel to enter the dungeon and smash up the place for some loot!