Dumb Screenshots from making a game

I keep finding myself laughing as some piece of code causes the game to do just plain weird things. I thought I’d share a few:

Either something is wrong with my rotation or Bob is trying to hide from the player…

Quick Driver! More Left Turns!
<img src=’//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/business5/uploads/gamedev/original/3X/4/5/452e63476fda30883a88c0b38aeb56dd9de100dd.gif’width=“690” height=“382”>


Goal was to shoot a small projectile from the enemy at the player. Result was some kind of terrifying tennis-ball worm head.

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Tryin to made some Boss movements. Physics going crazy.


Bob just turned and my character got slammed. Colliders are hard.

Bahaha. Bob was messing with that radioactive waste again.

Working on a prototype for a kid’s game. Kid better believe in seatbelts.



Back at it again. A good lesson as to the importance of scaling!

Hats off to the Asset developer who put a pipe at 0,0,0 so that the one time I forgot to adjust the player character he’d get stuck, rotating on the pipe forever. That’s gotta hurt

Working with getting UMA to place nice with the Ultimate Third Party Controller and there’s been some hilarious bugs getting the character avatar not to fall eternally through space:

Ever wish you were taller?

Ever fix something and it looked worse? That’s gotta sting:

Was supposed to be a Torso cam, but I guess I could add a Buttcam if I wanted: