Drumming up interest in a community collaboration! All levels welcome :)


Hi All,

Just trying to drum up some support for getting people together on a bit of a collaboration. I don’t really care what the game/product is (although I would prefer artistically interesting).

  1. If you fancy doing something as a group over the next 2-3 months then tick off what you are interested in contributing.
  • Unity/C# coding
  • Artist/visuals/feel
  • Modelling (Blender or whatever)
  • Audio and/or music
  • Storyline

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  1. Post a bit about yourself in the replies so we can all get to know each other!

We are all at various stages of learning so I hope this will be fun for everyone :smile:

EDIT: I have chosen the things I am happy to do.


So… here’s me…

Based in London. Freelance writer and business consultant. Love making electronic music and playing with code. Am most of the way through the Unity 3D course, Unity RPG course, 3D Modelling in Blender and the Blender character creation course.

So happy to do anything. I do have a couple of projects we can use as a starting point if any is needed but I don’t really care what we work on.


It’s been a while since I checked here. What would be your interest in making? Something with gaming or an animation short? You mentioned Unity so I guess something to do with gaming. I’m not a big programmer but I’m not bad with blender. I can sculpt, retopologize models, rig them, texture them and set up some animations for battle. Something simple though and heavily stylized because I’m very busy with work.

Tell me what ideas you had and perhaps we can bounce them around here :slight_smile:


Hi Mark (and hopefully other voters will see this too!)

A game was certainly what I was thinking, but there is a spread of different areas of interest in the poll so that should be good.

Something simple would be nice to start with as most of us are learning on some level.

Some ideas
I can’t take credit for these - I asked some nephews and nieces (aged 5-8) what kind of game they would like. The answers had some nice little ideas in them…

Maths Bomb: A series of logical and maths puzzles - get them right to destroy your target, but get them wrong and they destroy you.
Saving the Forest world: A transgender hero on a flying cheetah has to kill the King of Slime to save the forest from a rising sea of slime.
Machine Builder: The hero has to build contraptions from bits of junk in order to escape their prison.
The Evil Mr Shapes: A nemesis that throws spawns shapes that attack a hero.

My personal favs are the Maths Bomb idea - quite a simple UI-based game with a nice reward and levelling mechanic - and Machine Builder - perhaps a sort of Fantastic Contraption variant?


The machine builder seems pretty good. It’s different yet creative. Some simple assets that can be assembled by the player would be something many people could get involved in.
If we were to do the maths bomb, it might be nice to have an open level based game where maths is involved and players have to collect a certain number of items or do something mathematical in the level to open a gate.

I’m an english teacher and I once had the idea of creating an english learning game that helps students focus on complicated grammatical aspects within a PvP battle system so educational stuff is good I guess :slight_smile:


Great! I’ve messaged some of the other folks who were interested to give them a chance to feed in.

My preference is the machine builder as a starting point, just so we have a direction to go in.


Let me know when you’re ready :slight_smile:


Any suggestions on file-sharing/collaboration practicalities? I use dropbox, trello and slack at work most of the time, but am always open to suggestions.


maybe github?
gitter, slack, trello are all fine.


I’ll use whatever :slight_smile:

I’m on Discord but it’s only good for sharing ideas etc. Any platform for file sharing is fine for me


Hello, my name is Morgan.

I hope this is still active. I am relatively new to game design and development. I have been teaching myself and making progress along the way. I would really like to get involved in a group project. I feel like there is so much I could learn working with other and having that kind of energy driving a project. I am more interested in the programming side of things. I would rate my programming as between beginner/intermediate and unity skills at beginner. I look forward to hearing if there is room on this project. If not I am also interested in knowing about anywhere else I might find projects I can participate in.


Hey sorry for being quite absent. Massive pile of work on at the moment.

Let’s kick it off. Would be good to have a few more people interested. I don’t lack enthusiasm but do struggle for periods with having free time.

I’ll PM details of a public dropbox, and we can perhaps set up a GIT to go with it


Have also set up a Trello - access details in the shared dropbox


If anyone wants access to the Dropbox and the project then PM me or write something in here and I’ll send it over.


What style are we going for in particular? Are we more on the realism side or do we want lean towards a stylised environment? Also what sort of models can we start preparing?

Personally, I lean towards realism but I’d like to try something more stylised to add another feather to my cap lol

Either way though, I’m easy.

Also, wouldn’t it be a good idae ot start a discord group to share ideas easier? My ID is Uruzet #1470


You’ll have to give me a quick summary on how to get into discord. Despite being involved with tech and programming for over 20 years I still never seemed to be able to get logged into Discords.

I don’t mind on the style - I like the idea of stylised myself too. But it needs to have a “logic” behind it that a player will be able to pick up. e.g. Spheres = power and cylinders = transmission etc.


Just saying hi. I’ve just started the blender modelling course and this is my first post! I’ll keep an eye on this and see where it goes and if I can contribute (although I don’t know what I’m doing yet!)