Druid Elf


Started off making a devil-type character similar to the tutorial, even pulling styles from Megamind and elf-type head shape. However, it somehow evolves into a more benevolent nature-theme character as soon as I sculpt the horn. Once painting is done, it looks more like a hybrid between goblin and druid type of character. Which turns out pretty great.

I wish I could add in hair to create a bit more style, but I don’t have any experience with hair. I tried using the new hair system from Blender 3.3, but it’s throwing error about not having UV mapping, which I’m not sure would be safe to do for this mesh of 50k+ vertices.

For now, I’m proud of this character. I really had fun adding the details to the character, like veins, wrinkles, moles, as well as texturing the horns and antlers. Paining and smearing the different shades of green is challenging to make it look good, but adds more nuisance to the character.

Thanks, GameDev team for this wonderful course.


Very nice character, well done diverting off from the course design.

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