Drones contrinue their patrol after aggro

hey so when I shoot my drones, they head towards me, but they will turn around and head to the next patrol point because that function is overriding the aggro. How can you fix this?

Hey @Jcapo ,

I’m 100% sure you’re already over this, but just to document this solution to anyone else who might find themselves in the same situation:

Add a branch to the Patrol logic before the loop (as the last step), checking the GoalActor variable reference with the function “Is Valid”. This check will allow your patrol logic to stop before finding the next patrol point, if a GoalActor has been set.

Keep in mind this requires you to not have set anything to GoalActor beforehand on the Editor, so it should be empty on the editor.

I’m having the same problem as @Jcapo with patrol points and the function overriding the aggro. I tried the fix from @fcontini above by adding a branch before the loop, but it still doesn’t work. Can someone post a screenshot of how this should be set up in the Drone Pawn? Not sure about the “requires you to not have set anything to GoalActor beforehand on the Editor”. I have set up everything according to the instructions in the video. Not sure what I missed or why this isn’t working properly. Thanks for the help!

Solved. I missed one connection in the Drone Pawn after creating the Move to Goal Target. Neglected to connect the FPS Character Object reference to the New Goal Target.

Funny, I actually missed that connection as well once I noticed I had weird behavior. While it is much better now the AI still sometimes “forgets” the player and goes back to patrolling which is kinda weird.

Doing what @fcontini suggested seems to have made the AI behave a bit more consistant.

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