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Hello everyone!

I just started the course and wanted to share some of my work. I’m working in Corel Painter with an xp-pen tablet.

Below are some images from chapter one challenges. What do You think about them?


The last illustration is beautiful. Nice colors and texture (shading).
all learned lessons applied well.

A wide range of designs that beckon a variety of unique and fun gameplay mechanics, I’d say.

Makes me think of a game set in the time when hot air balloons are the most readily available air transportation. One day a castle that seemed to only exist in legends rose into the sky from a not yet fully explored mountain range. You play as some British explorer who seeks the aid of the people of the desert who in this setting where strange creatures and powers exist, are more in tune with and knowledgeable about that kind of stuff. You need their aid to deal with the strange occurrences in the castle that have been halting other explorers. So the game ends up being about this journey to learn about these things most of your society has moved on from and forgotten in order to reach the castle and go father than anyone. That was pretty long-winded and probably didn’t convey what your collection of art inspired in me.

I guess a simpler way of putting it is imagine someone like Nathan Drake from Uncharted working with someone like the Prince of Persia, in order to reach and unravel the secrets of a long lost castle now floating in the skies. The game is also more focused on exploring and learning about the society of each of them. One of theirs has forgotten the things of old and doesn’t want to believe in strange creatures and powers, while the other’s remembers and is too hesitant to explore the castle as a result. These two are determined to work together, make a name for themselves (more out of necessity to get the resources required for the expedition) and most importantly, unravel the mystery of this strange occurrence in case it threatens both their lands.

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