Draw your axe

Some examples I’ve created, using the shoulder. But bigger paper size needed :wink:


Is H a Keyblade?


:rofl: “Kingdom Hearts” Game.

cool stuff :slight_smile:



G looks like… like… What is that exactly? :laughing: It looks like someone remove the knob of a door to hit zombies or something.

The colored Axe is really cool, now I want to see a 3D version of it.


yes, me too. This course helps me in a rough state to visualize what 3D design could work.
But again, as in 3D Blender, practice, practice.

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I spent some hours to model the axe.
A nice addition to my Orc.


That’s really cool, the reflections on the metal look amazing.

Yes, thanks.
It is just shininess high and roughness low.
And a reflective environment.

Most difficult part starts now, materials…
(Currently working on the axe-handle.)

blender? I still a noob in blender

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Yes, Blender!

We all start as noobs. For me, it was in 2016 :wink:
Stick to your own pace. Show your work, follow the lessons.
Even the parts you’re not interested in.


Excellent :slight_smile:

That handle… Why are you so good at this? I’m envious :laughing:

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The handle was a problem of howto. Then I wanted to be smart, using Blender.
I created 1/4 of a circle as a shape of the strap. Attached a screw modifier. Stretched it along the axe handle. Getting a tube like shape, like a helix (human gnome).
Then I attached a second modifier called Shrinkwrap. The tube followed the shape of the handle.
And because of the 1/4 circle mesh (3 vertices only) I added a third modifier to Solidify the mesh, giving it a body (thickness).
The forth modifier was the subdivision to smooth thing out.

Easy steps, using blender. But then I had the problem of weaving the straps. I could not find a way to automate that. So I solved that by manipulating vertices by hand, to allow the straps go under and go over. While the first 4 steps just an half hour of tweaking. Vertex moving 5 hours at least ;).

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Very well done! I’ve always liked the look of wrapped handles on weapons such as swords, daggers and axes, so I may be trying your method one of these days. :wink:

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I like the bottom right a lot, the asymmetrical sides are cool. God bless:-)

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