Dragon Skull Shoulder Armor

This was really tough. The mixture between a hard surface and an organic model is really tough to deal with. The hardest part was fitting it on his shoulder to make sense. I still have to add a body strap, but I’m really happy with it so far.


It looks cool! Good job!

There are 2 functional problems with this:

  • needs some kind of straps (which you already know), but also try to fit it more snugly on the ogre (it looks like it would fall off, even with straps)
  • if the ogre looks suddenly to his right… he will loose his eye :slightly_frowning_face:

Let alone lacerate his arm if he raises it!


It definitely poses some functional issues. I’ll adjust it to add some more weight to it. I may or may not keep the teeth. The straps will make sense when I slap them on. One will go under the armpit and through the eyeholes and the second around the body and back into the skull. If I lose the horns, it’ll look more like a cow skull. I try to adjust them to make sense. Worst case scenario, I’ll add a bottom jaw with some teeth and make it into a fist weapon or put some kind of armor under it so I can push it further away from the body. I’ll look at some more references and see if I can come up with something else. Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it.


Very few heraldic dragons, or old art ones, have horns at all. It is an affectation, enhancement, of modern art. They often do have that ‘nose spike’ though.


I made it into a fist weapon and/or a shield instead. It would have been a mess to smooth out those horns. The mesh fits really well here too (needs maybe another strap or two). I’ll think of something cooler for the shoulders. Thanks again for the feedback.
Another angle before solidify modifier though:

I might do some rivets in the second strap through the holes in the skull.


Where is this used?
Belt maybe, but that is really no hard surface. Adding a subdivision will handle that.

I was referring to the skull. It is a hard surface, but also an organic shape. Many of the edges are very sharp, requiring a ton of manipulation with the crease brush to get the look correct. It isn’t the same as box modeling a hard machine like surface, but presented some challenges while sculpting.

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Both hard surface and organic modelling are at their core still polygonal modelling. Although different techniques are used between the two.

In a nutshell, the difference between organic and hard surface modelling is exactly what the names imply. Organic modelling is usually creating 3D models of living creatures such as people or animals. Hard surface modelling is usually focused on inorganic objects such as buildings or furniture.

It is definitely more practical now! Hmm, though it looks a bit unwieldy/unbalanced. Maybe turn it into a totem that the ogre will be carrying with him (and he can smash others with :sweat_smile:). And consider adding a horn on the nose -> it will be then even more practical to smash with :grin:

Looking really good! Take feedback with a pinch of salt, much of it can be a bit salty at times and remember, you’re the artist, not the the people who critique so that leaves all the design decisions to you the artist to make. “Faults” can be found in every work of art and no 3D art is ever perfect.

Can’t wait to see more of this! Looking forward to seeing it at the point where you decide to call it finished :slight_smile:


I feel called out by this (as your answer is just below mine). In what way is my feedback salty? Or any feedback in this thread? That’s honest question as English is not my first language so I might have used it incorrectly… and in no shape or form I had ‘salty’ intention (and I really doubt that FedPete or NP5 had as well).

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