Dragon base sculpt WIP

finished up the sculpting the base mesh and went a bit detailed not sure if i went too detailed or not yet but as i remesehed i was losing too much detail and decided i wanted them back.

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It all depends on how you are using the dragon in the final composition. If you don’t animate or use it in game development, then there is no need for low poly.
It’s only a learning opportunity. Then keep it simple and learn the process.
There is no need to add details if you can’t see them in the final composition.

Thanks i do plan to eventually make models for games so the process of creating a rig and animating this is what im looking forward to next.

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Well then, you need to learn re-topology. But keep it easy, just learn the flow as the process. Then you be able to experience when to choose for a certain low poly density.
Because in game dev, you need multiple low polys of the same high poly.

would you be able to elaborate on that a bit? why would you need multiple low poly meshes from the same high poly? is it for different LODs?

If you are making a fighting game, with hundreds of soldiers. Placed in a distance, then those fighters, don’t need 10k verts. But closer to a camera, with more details to show. You need more mesh data and even an improved armature for animation. Like facial close-ups, lip movement, etc.
This is the real value of having a rich detailed high poly model to retrieve data from, for multiple low poly versions. But if you never intended to make close-ups of the model, then why bother with high details? It all depends on planning ahead.
Most students who want to create games, do see the end result. Not the path leading to this end result.
Keep it simple, learn the process, and see when and where you need to spend your time on. Work on the concept, not on details.

Have fun!

Ok so yeah I can totally understand that. so then that would lead me to another question about the multiresolution modifier. since you would need different models at different levels of detail and the multires modifier can essentially bake high detail onto a low detail mesh, what would be a good way to save the different levels of detail so that it can be used and viewed from different distances in games. for example an NPC that walks around town and zooms into the face when you talk to them. you would see them from afar, near, and then close up.

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