Dr. Jetmann

Titles are my weakness, so for now I’ll just call this the “Working Title”.

The story is as follows:

Dr. Jetmann is a genius of technical design; a true unparalleled prodigy. However, one day the corrupt Galactic Order decided his designs were so incredible, they were making their own spacecraft look bad. So they decided to strand the poor Dr. on an uninhabited junkyard planet, in the hopes that the rest of the galaxy would forget his brilliance.

However, with his wit and tenacity, and using only the forgotten scraps on the planet’s surface, the Dr. decided to make his escape. A surely impossible feat, you might say. And you’d be right, if it weren’t for the unmatched genius of the great Dr. Jetmann!

(Written by Dr. Jetmann himself)


Navigate a small spacecraft through a variety of dangerous scrapyard levels, filled with old malfunctioning machines and factories that have been long since forgotten. At each level, gain a part that increases the capability of the Dr.'s spacecraft, such as a faster boost or higher durability (or other potential power ups), in order to face higher difficulty levels as the game progresses.

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That sounds really cool!

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