I bought Auto-Rig Pro from the Blender Market and there are four zip files:

Besides the obvious one, the auto rig one, what do the others do, and should I download them?

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Blender Add-ons are programmed in Python and can contain malicious code.
Independent from the amount of files or file size or name giving.

Reading the file names

  • The standard rig tool
  • An improvement of the standard rig tool (pro version)
  • Some mesh data (io-scene) to show bones in different shapes
  • And a tool to do some web communication (proxy-picker), probably to register the add-on and or exchanging data.

Perhaps there is a way to ask the maker of the add on? Or details may be listed somewhere in the description of it?

If you’ve not already found it, this appears to be the official documentation for this add-on, complete with installation instructions:

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