Download buttons missing

The download buttons under the project videos are no longer showing up - also the breakdown of missions has turned into one long paragraph, not bulleted out like it was before. Is anyone else experiencing this? It has been a while since I looked at the skill builder projects as I have been busy with some other things, but when I saw the challenge for the weekend I opened it back up and it all looked different.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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Looks like that for me too - cant say I noticed earlier in the week but may not have looked properly :roll_eyes:

@Rick_Davidson @StephenHubbard @Lucy_Becker @garypettie - this needs fixing pls!


We are aware of some ongoing issues with our site and we are in the process of getting these resolved.
We at the moment can only ask that you please bear with us as we get these resolved.
It is a site wide issue and we be resolved as soon as we are able.

Thanks for your ongoing patience with this.


FYI seems to be looking OK again now

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