Doors now work from video 68

Simple problem, but I have no debug skills at the moment. Just needed to change the open angle = 0.f and that fixed it. However I notice in your own Github file ( that somehow you are leaving the OpenAngle = 90.f and somehow it is still working, that is what threw me.

Your OpenAngle actually is your closed angle, then it opens -60 or -80 as I have it, so mine is closed at 0.f, then the rotator is triggered and it opens -80.f, but yours is closed at 90.f

float OpenAngle = 0.f;
ATriggerVolume* PressurePlate;
AActor* ActorThatOpens;

Oops, a bit silly but these bugs happen to all of us. @ben might be interest in make a note of this one.

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