Doors Don't have Collision for Course BuildingEscape



You can move right through the doors in both my version of the game and the course version of BuildingEscape.

I downloaded the for the project and checked but, still no door collision.

I have no idea on how to fix this.

Is the collision mesh inside the default Content? Aka not included in the source control?


Adding a collision volume to the door is covered in lecture 71. You do this by editing the door.



The Steps in Lecture 71 are for a StaticMeshActor. The new Door is a blueprint so, the steps are different.

Also, the Static Mesh Editor displays the Door still having the Collision mesh we originally added. For some reason this has no effect but, adding ANOTHER collision mesh does.

FYI, the Steps here were:
1: Edit the Openable_Door Blueprint
2: Look under Details -> Static Mesh
3: Click the dropdown under SM_Door -> Edit

That will give the same editor window shown in Lecture 71.


I’m confused by your response(new Door is a blueprint) and assume you’re farther ahead than I am? Might be helpful to add where you are in the series to keep people from advising needlessly.


Covered in lecture 76, Using Collision Volumes.

And yes, SM_Door is not included in source control, as mentioned at 1:56. So it doesn’t show up in a fresh repo clone.