Door is Not opening

I’m having problem with opening Door, there’re squiggles under every #include & and I tried rotating at different degrees.

If you move the door away from the frame, does it work?

No Sir it’s not working.

Could you try adding a log to see if it logs when you press play?

Sir my Door is working now but when I hover over GetActorRotation it show nothing & same
with “GameFramework/Actor.h” it shows that Cannot open source file “GameFramework/Actor.h”

! In Output !
“OpenDoor.cpp” not found in “${workspaceFolder}.vscode\compileCommands_Default.json”. ‘includePath’ from c_cpp_properties.json in folder ‘Building_Escape 4.27’ will be used for this file instead.

Are you using the UE4 IntelliSense Fixes extension? If not there’s a lecture on it in the Bull Cow Game section.

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Thank so much Sir. ╰(°▽°)╯

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