Door Collision

May I ask why removing the door collision the player still can walk through the door? The video says you don’t really need a collision. But the player couldn’t walk through the door before I set to “Use complex collision as simple”?

Thank you

That’s specifically talking about the door frame unless you mean some other part of the video? A timestamp would help.

Yes Dan,

I think it is in the video 102 around 2:17. He could not get out the door because there was no collision on the door that time. Around 5:10. Mike said: “I would argue we actually don’t need collision on the door at all.” Then he removed all the collisions. Then he was still can escape from the door. I got confused by this part. So if we don’t need collision, why he could not escape from the room at the first place?

Yeah that’s talking about the door frame, not the door.
He couldn’t go through due to the collision on the door frame

There’s no whole in that collision so visually speaking like this