Door and Door Frame

So here is my door and door frame - textures courtesy of google search :slight_smile:

With all the materials, material instances, textures, and meshes are there recommended folder structures for the UE content? And how big (in bytes) should the textures be, mine are quite large 2-3MB. I assume that really is too large for most games etc.

Your door design looks quite unusual. Such a design is probably suitable for loft spaces but definitely not for residential houses and apartments. Of course, if the interior is made in a similar style, such doors will also look good. I prefer the classic models without additional drawings and designs. The design of our house is made in the European style, so we chose the classic models of interior doors at The manufacturer claims high-quality materials, which causes confidence among customers. I like the value of money. Now our rooms look even more comfortable and stylish.

@RedSandman 2-3 MB seems like a reasonable size to me. There’s a lot to dig into when it comes to managing game textures - memory budgets, MIP levels, bit depth, compression, streaming, alignment, etc. I wouldn’t worry about it too much for these smaller projects - better to just focus on the course content. :slight_smile:

@Bristleback You’ve obviously never lived in a rural area. :laughing:

The design of this door is quite unusual. The door frame looks neat and completes the whole picture. This style is more suitable for applications in games than in residential homes. Classic options like the plain white door would look better in homes or apartments. In addition, these doors have become a real trend in recent years. White door leaves will not stand out from the room’s overall style and will suit any furniture, both classic and modern style. These door represent lightness and simplicity and create a kind of neutrality in the room. It will suit the door frame in the same color or a darker one, emphasizing the white color.