Don't miss out on what Unreal has to offer

With Unreal Engine you can make beautiful things, indoors and out. Check-out these screenshots and remember this is running at 60fps on a mid range PC!

Taken from Epic Games’ Photorealistic Apartment Demo

Taken from The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - A Beautiful Indie Game

Unreal isn’t just a pretty face either, it is an incredibly deep and powerful tool. Here are just some of the things you won’t learn in any of our other courses…

  • Low-poly landscapes - Sculpt beautifully styled outdoor scenes with ease.
  • Grabbing mechanics - Learn to pick-up and carry items in Section 3
  • Error handling - AAA studio quality error handling will save your hours.
  • Visual scripting - in Unreal you can create entire games with no code!
  • Computer science - You’ll learn about grown-up concepts like “Big O”

Snap-up our Unreal Engine Developer at a rare 50% off right now, it’s our best course yet and I’m sure you’ll love it. As usual you get lifetime access, and we have loads more content coming.

Don’t take my word for it, here are just two of our recent reviews…

This course was a result of our best Kickstarter yet. Unreal Engine is free to use, and you’ll be a much better game developer for learning it even if you decide to continue in Unity.

See you in there.

Ben & Team

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@moderators I presume you feel it’s appropriate for me to make occasional offers in this public sub-forum?

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lol… I don’t think anyone would be brave enough to moderate the admin :wink:


What would you say that Unreal offers that Unity does not?

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Thanks for asking, a LOT actually, but here are a few things you’ll only get at Unreal in addition to the bullet points above…

  • Much more off-the-shelf functionality e.g. projectiles
  • A much more powerful AI system
  • Much prettier rendering as standard

Simply learning such a powerful tool will make you a much better developer, even if you do chose Unity - which of course is also an amazing engine.

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Good to know. I know I still want to get through the Unity courses (and possibly the Blender course as well), but maybe once I can get some games down in Unity, then I can start looking at making something fancier in Unreal, too. :slight_smile:


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