Don't install Visual Studio 2015 Update 3!


… as it will fail to compile your project source code. The fix is to install Unreal Engine 4.12.5 and update all your projects to 4.12. Given this course does most (all?) of its lectures using 4.11 you might encounter different behaviour using 4.12.

If you want to downgrade to VS2015 Update 2 then it’s quite involved.


Update 3 is not officially released yet. Never install Visual Studio preview versions as they are not supported by Epic.

Given this course does most (all?) of its lectures using 4.11

Course gets updated to the most recent UE version during it’s creation. The later videos are 4.12.
From my experience: it is safe to start the course with 4.12.5 without problems :slight_smile:

Edit: Update3 is released by now (see next answer), I wasn’t aware of that because people still warn to install it.


It was released June 29th (from the News section of the Visual Studio Start Page):


Ah, I just read in that post:

We have released the 4.12.5 Hotfix today. Part of this Hotfix is the inclusion of our fix to allow the Engine to work with Visual Studio 2015 Update 3. If you have Update 3 installed, you can update UE4 to 4.12.5 and should no longer have any problems when compiling code. If you do, please let us know with a new post here…

Unfortunately this Hotfix does not affect previous versions of the Engine, so if you are still using 4.10 or 4.11, you will need to either merge the fix for Update 3 into a source code version of the Engine and build it, or stay on Visual Studio 2015 Update 2.

Well, if you want to stay on an old UE4 version, you better stay on an old release of visual studio aswell? :slight_smile:


Well this is my point, and hence my warning post. People might not realise the implications of updating Visual Studio and they might want to stay with the exact same version of Unreal Engine as Ben is using in the lectures.

People can obviously do what they want, however the more information they have the better the decision it is they can make.

I’m not sure I will bother posting here again given the hassle it appears to create…


I am not sure what you mean? I think it is very good that you started this post and I was just giving more infos on it?