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Testing Grounds GDD

  1. To create a First person shooter based on testing grounds and building escape.
  2. AI restricted to zones.
  3. Chase AI.
  4. Scare triggers.
  5. Atmospheric background sounds.
  6. Lighting set to reflect areas.
  7. UI system.
  8. Guns.
  9. Ammo.
  10. Health Packs.
  11. Health & Damage System.
  12. Everything else that goes with an FPS/Horror Genre

Thanks for sharing

My own Battle Grounds GDD:


I’m thinking of a Smash TV type of game, with DM and TDM modes… Possibly add in modifiers like fire and ice attacks to change up the regular shooty action. I’m looking to take the original concepts and ideas from the lessons and make it a competitive fight to the death.

Cool idea.

The Tesseract (Inspired by the movie ‘Cube)’

  1. An FPS style game based on the lessons of: The Unreal Engine Developer Course - Learn C++ & Make Games .
  2. Not just linear progression (left to right) but also have top and bottom escape routes.
  3. Rooms will shift (i.e. respawn) until the player figures out the correct sequence for the correct time (the correct sequence changes as the rooms shift within the Tesseract).
  4. Each room will have it’s own unique scenario (kill the enemies, solve the puzzles, beat the time etc.)
  5. Rooms to have different genres. Horror, humour, action or serene atmosphere.
  6. Players must use melee, firearms and wit to survive.
  7. Regenerative health system.
  8. Perma-death.
  9. Redesign Battle Tank for the centre room ‘Boss Fight’ - presumed End Of Game level.
  10. Once player finishes the centre room, the player finds out they are in the middle of a Tesseract and must work there way out.
  11. Different rooms and sequences on the way out.
  12. Sounds and music will be depend on what is available with the correct licensing.
  13. NO ZOMBIES!!!

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Nice, looking forward to seeing the final product!

This is my game design document for testing ground
Genre: First and Third Person Shooter, Stealth, Puzzle, Action
Reference: Cyberpunk 2077, Watch Dogs, Hitman, Deus Ex

Stealth FPS Game in a cyberpunk world with first and third person camera which requires the player to finish level with or without being noticed by the enemies. The player needs to solve some puzzles by doing hacking things to open a door or moving an obstacle. The player can pass through the environment with parkour skills, so it’s easier to being unnoticed but be careful with dropping something or shooting randomly cause the AI can notice that. The player can also use the hacking to trigger some machines that can be used to distract or kill the enemies. The AI is more complex, they can patrol and if they see the player they will try to engage in a fight with the player. But if the player is then out of sight or the AI’s almost dead, they will go to some broadcast room or just activate the alert somewhere, so the player needs to make sure the enemy is dead and move their body to a hidden place. In the end of some particular levels, the player needs to defeat bosses that look like giant robot-ish and maybe the player needs to find out how to kill the boss with some tools or weak spot.

-Maps and the puzzles (Including the placement for alert system, and machines that can be used by the player)
-Character models (Players, AI, Boss with their customization)
-Weapons (Guns, Rifles, Grenades, Swords, Lightsaber, etc)
-Machines and tools
-UI (Health bar, ammo, weapon, character, mini map, main menu, pause menu, etc)
-Sound effects and background music

I think it’s gonna be so much if I put everything in here :joy: so if you interested just visit my website at GDD - The Origin of Cyborg I’m planning to create the game design document seriously and more structural and put it as one of my portfolios. It’s easier for me to manage and arrange the content too.

My GitHub here

Here is my GDD! A fun fighting/ FPS game that test your skills! How far can you go?

Fight For Your Life GDD
Fight for your life is a third person survival game where you must live as long as you can in the post apocalyptic wasteland you once knew as home. Scavenge the land for new tools and weapons to aid you in your journey, and above all, try not to die.

Map Generation: Procedural based on pre-populated map pieces

Lasting map: As you progress you leave your mark on the world, each section passed through stays as it was when completed, whether that means sneaking or fighting the map piece is not destroyed.

Rest: Randomly and scarcely will a node be non-hostile where you can scavenge for more supplies and rest to heal your wounds. This will reset the map and all previous node maps will now be deleted.

AI: Patrol, Search, Fight, Flee

Combat: Scare resources means you have to think on your feet. Create traps, homemade weapons (think nailbat), and use the scenery to your disposal.

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